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Medium Voltage Product Technology Centre (MVPTC)
  • Medium Voltage Product Technology Centre (MVPTC) conducts research in: Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear and Superconductors
  • The research focuses on understanding the evolution of vacuum arcs, enhancement of voltage and short-circuits current ratings of vacuum interrupters, research on new contact geometries and shield configurations for interrupters, evaluation of interrupters with new material composition and processes
  • The centre houses the Power Apparatus and Systems laboratory (PASL) which has four test laboratories: 50kA short-circuit test lab, 25kA/3sec short-time current withstand test lab,     200kV high voltage power frequency test lab and the 6000A temperature rise test lab.  The high voltage and the temperature rise laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation board for laboratories (NABL). Apart from the above four test labs the PASL also has two research labs: Superconductor research lab and Vacuum arc research lab
  • The Superconductor technology research focuses on the application of superconductors, transformers, motors and fault current limiters. The group is working on technology development for superconductor based fault current limiter (SFCL)
  • The Superconductor research lab is  equipped with facilities like the liquid nitrogen handling and storage equipment, Nano-voltmeter, low temperature measuring equipment, cryo grade flux probes and flux meter to name a few
  • The MVPTC has expertise in short-circuit testing, high voltage design, analysis and testing, cryogenics, superconductor physics and plasma physics
  • The MVPTC has published and presented papers in international journals and international symposiums like the SWICON and ISDEIV.


Superconducting fault current limiter


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