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High voltage product technology centre (HVPTC):

  • The high voltage product technology centre (HVPTC) is dedicated to address the growing market needs in the Energy sector. The group inherits its competency from the testing & evaluations carried out in the past 30 years for HV products. Today the group is involved in special product development for future needs, besides working on product improvements for Transformers & Switchgears (AIS & GIS)
  • The High voltage laboratory has the infrastructure to design, manufacture, test and validate HV products. Some of the facilities include impulse, power frequency, partial discharge, moisture measurement in cellulosic solid insulation and capacitance-tan delta test setup. The Lab is NABL accredited with proficiency to conduct testing & interpret the results
  • The Dielectrics laboratory has the infrastructure to characterize and conduct testing on liquid and cellulosic solid dielectric materials. The laboratory is NABL accredited. The lab is involved in acceptance tests, study of ageing mechanism in solid insulation, development of new dielectric liquids for high voltage product application and improvement of existing or development of new manufacturing processes for sustainable development
  • HVPTC activities include new product development, product design, product testing, product validation, design review support, product failure analysis, insulation research and recommendations, and condition monitoring and diagnostics in transformers
  • Some of the products developed by the team are cast resin transformers, resin impregnated paper (RIP) bushings, Polycrete transformers, distribution range of SF6 transformers, high voltage PD free SF6 gas test transformer, UHV transformers, web based condition monitoring software and real time transformer monitoring system, shunt reactor with auxiliary winding 


Gas chromatographic instrument
Gas chromatographic instrument
  Dielectric lab 800kV
40kJ Impulse voltage Generator


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