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Advanced Materials and Process Technology Centre

The Advanced Materials and Process Technology Centre (AMPTC) started as a materials testing and evaluation laboratory to help CG gain knowledge about materials and processes. AMPTC is now dedicated to research on performance effective materials and processes to support existing and new materials usage.

AMPTC provides expertise in four groups:

  1. Electrical steels and Metallic materials
  2. Contact materials
  3. Ceramics and lighting materials
  4. Polymers, composites and nano technology
Microscope with quantitative image analyzer
 Furnace equipment
Spray dryer
View of Characterization lab


Major technical initiatives are:

  • Tailored cost effective, semi-processed electrical steel with core loss ranging from 10W/kg to 4W/kg
  • CuCr based contact materials
  • High efficacy light sources
  • Solid nano-dielectrics – Napokrete®
  • Drying, resin casting and impregnation
  • Coatings: recyclable, highly reflective, antistatic, anticorrosive, insulation resistance
  • Conductive and protective metallic coatings
  • Nanocrystalline magnetic cores
  • Metal casting, welding and forming

Current and future research areas for the lab are:

  • Electrically and thermally conducting polymers
  • Functionally graded dielectrics
  • High energy storage devices
  • High gradient varistors
  • Fuel cells
  • High performance permanent magnets
  • High toughness ceramics
  • Conducting materials
  • Textured CRNO materials
  • Surface engineering
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